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Destinations Offering Incentives to Travel

As people look forward to taking advantage of easing travel restrictions, these destinations are offering travel incentives to boost their tourist-reliant economy.

As lockdowns and stay-at-home orders ease globally, destinations have begun to open up, some more cautiously than others. A few countries and tourist-heavy destinations have started to lay the groundwork to reopen to tourists.


   Cancun Mexico

#ComeToMexicanCaribbean is boasting the best travel incentives currently. Book by August 15 and receive these perks at participating hotels, restaurants and tourist hot spots:

  • Two free nights for every paid two nights
  • Two free days of car rentals for every two paid days
  • Free stays for two kids with two adult bookings
  • 20% off at participating theme parks, spas and golf course

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The island of Sicily is hoping to boost tourism by covering 1/2 the cost of your flight, plus for every 3 nights, visitors will receive 1 night free. Additionally, many museums and archeological sites will be made available to visit for free.

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While Bulgaria is not offering incentives rivaling Mexico or Sicily, the country is making many of the country’s favorite spots open for free. Bulgarian beaches, as well as many of their amenities like umbrellas, tables and sun lounges will become free as a way to help visitors save money, and incentivize people to return. 

Find a list of beaches offering these perks here.

Cyprus (Kind of)


This one is a unique situation. They are not offering incentives to visit, instead, they are offering to cover all travel associated costs if you test positive for COVID-19 whilst visiting. According to the Associated Press the country plans to cover “lodging, food, drink and medication for novel coronavirus patients and their families” should a tourist test positive while on the island. 

Learn more about this offer here.