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A-1 Limousine has installed cimr tech in our motorcoaches


What is CIMR Tech?
CIMR = Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction

CIMR® Infection Control Technology continuously disinfects viruses, bacteria, mold and other fungi by producing 0.02 ppm of hydrogen peroxide gas from oxygen and water vapor in the air.  

CIMR® Infection Control Technology is effective against microbes both in the air and on surfaces because the hydrogen peroxide molecules have both localized positive and negative charges; they are literally drawn to viruses and bacteria by electrostatic attraction.  It works by creating 0.02 parts per million (ppm) of hydrogen peroxide gas from the oxygen and humidity already in the air.  The hydrogen peroxide gas is then supplied to the areas where it diffuses everywhere that air travels, disinfecting microbes in places that other technologies can’t even reach.

What are the benefits of a CIMR Tech system?

 ●     Reduction in Bacteria, Viruses & Mold
●     Reduction in the Causes of Sick Building Syndrome
●     Increased Efficiency in Heating & Cooling Systems
●     Healthier Indoor Environment
●     Reduction in Ozone Concentrations from Incoming Air
●     Bio-terrorism and Infection Control through the “Catch and Kill” mode
●     Safe to use in Occupied Areas
●     Odorless

Want a CIMR Tech System For Your Own Home or Business?

For more information on the CIMR Tech system or to purchase one for your own home or business visit Covid Response Solutions. 


Is CIMR® Infection Control Technology Safe?

Yes, 0.02 ppm of hydrogen peroxide gas is just one fiftieth of the amount that OSHA tells us is safe throughout a standard workday. The hydrogen peroxide gas concentration is also self-controlling.  (This was also tested by Dr. Marsden at Kansas State University). If hydrogen peroxide gas increases above 0.02 ppm, it starts reacting with itself until the concentrate drops back down to 0.02 ppm. CIMR® Infection Control Technology Units actually produce much higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide gas immediately around the units themselves, but the hydrogen peroxide gas reacts with itself so fast that the concentration drops to 0.02 ppm within about an inch of the unit. Also, when hydrogen peroxide gas reacts with itself, it breaks down into non-toxic oxygen and water vapor.  

How Can Such A Small Amount Be Effective?

There are lots of gas molecules in air.  Even at 0.02 ppm, there are still 500,000,000,000 hydrogen peroxide gas molecules in a single liter of air at room temperature. That means that the hydrogen peroxide gas molecules are only 1.25 to 1.5 microns apart. Bacteria are about one micron in size, so they can’t move very far without running into several hydrogen peroxide molecules. Viruses can be as small as 0.1 microns, but they will still run into hydrogen peroxide if they move just fifteen times their own length.

The real advantage is that hydrogen peroxide molecules don’t simply bump into microbes on a random basis, they are actually attracted to the microbes. Like water, hydrogen peroxide has both localized positive charged points (the hydrogen atoms) and localized negative charged points (the oxygen atoms) on each molecule. So hydrogen peroxide gas molecules are actually attracted to positive and negative charges on the surface of microbes and are drawn to microbes through the air by electrostatic attraction.

Is CIMR® Infection Control Technology is Safe For Long Term Use?

Yes, as we mentioned above, 0.02 ppm of hydrogen peroxide gas is just one fiftieth of the amount that OSHA tells us is safe throughout a standard workday. Air containing 0.02 ppm of hydrogen peroxide gas is also safer than outside air containing 0.04 ppm to 0.08 ppm ozone, a much stronger oxidizer. As an added benefit hydrogen peroxide gas helps to control the amount of ozone in incoming air. 

What Does The Air Treated By CIMR® Infection Control Technology Smell Like?

It is odorless. At 0.02 ppm, hydrogen peroxide gas is undetectable by the human nose, so CIMR® Infection Control Technology Units do not produce a smell. CIMR® Infection Control Technology will, however, eliminate some smells by disinfecting molds, mildew, and other microbes that produce smells. As smell-producing microbes are disinfected, they will stop producing new odors, and old odors produced before the disinfection will dissipate over time.  

Does this really work?

Yes. CIMR® Infection Control Technology systems have been in the field for years. They have been used in catastrophic events such as hurricane Rita, Ike, Katrina . .. etc. In all cases our systems were successful in the Stabilization and Remediation cleanup of the buildings.

Kansas State University and Sandia Labs found that hydrogen peroxide gas technology disinfected 99% of the H5N8 Virus on surfaces within two hours. 

Dr. Marsden of Kansas State University also had this to say based on his research:  Kansas State University found that the hydrogen peroxide gas technology disinfected surfaces contaminated with MRSA (Methycillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), nonresistant Staphylococcus Aureus, E-Coli, Listeria Monocytogenes, Candida Albicans, Stachybotrus Chartarum (Black Mold), Streptococcus, Pseudomonas, and Bacillus supp. This study demonstrated microbial reduction on contaminated surfaces by 96.4% to 99.9% within the first twenty four hours.

**A-1 Limousine and it’s affiliates in no way promise your health or well-being. We are taking all preventative measures available to use and following the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but we cannot promise or guarantee your health. If you do feel ill, we highly recommend seeking help from a trusted medical professional. 




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