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It’s early December but winter is just getting started. Now is the time when we start heading out on vacation so don’t make the mistake of not preparing yourself for the cold! Check out our handy guide below to prep yourself for your next winter holiday trip!

  1. Touch Screen Compatible Gloves

You don’t have to choose between warm hands and using your phone! Touch screen compatible gloves allow you to finger-type without exposing your hands to the chilly winter air. Grab a pair of touch screen compatible gloves to keep your hands toasty and still be able to text your friends and tell them about your great vacation.

  1. Thermal Underwear

Layers, layers, layers! It doesn’t matter how thick your winter coat is; if you don’t have enough layers on, you’ll never keep warm. Grab some thermal underwear to wear below all your layers so you can stay snug from head to toe.

  1. Warm Leggings

Just as important as thermal underwear are warm leggings. Wearing comfy, heat tech leggings under your pants will protect you from the bitter wind while still giving you mobility.

  1. Wool Socks

Our extremities are the first to get chilly, so keep your toes toasty with a pair of wool socks. You can even lay them by a fire (not to close!) to heat ‘em up before you put them on.

  1. Waterproof Snow Boots

It’s great to have a pair of walking boots, but they’re useless if they aren’t waterproof. Snag yourself a pair of nice waterproof snow boots that are good for deep snow trudging and city walking to make sure your feet stay nice and dry.

  1. Polarized sunglasses

Yes, we said it- sunglasses! The sun can reflect harshly off of stark white snow and you need to protect your peepers year round! Polarized sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays.

  1. Compression Shirt

Your upper half needs cold protection too! Grabbing a simple thin compression shirt will add an extra layer of warmth under a nice thick sweater.

  1. Warm Slippers

Sometimes your feet get cold in the house too! Grab yourself a pair of thick, warm slippers to lounge in to keep yourself nice and warm at home. Don’t forget the most important accessory- a cup of hot cocoa!

  1. Snug Beanie

You’ll thank yourself for grabbing a snug beanie to keep your head and ears warm. Your ears are easily exposed to the elements, so make sure the hat is long enough to cover them!

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most important thing for your skin, no matter what time of the year it is. The sun’s rays can be extra harsh reflected off the snow, so make sure to slather some on whenever you go out!