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You’ve heard the expression, “It’s all about the journey, not the destination.” Here at A-1 Limousine, we pride ourselves on knowing that the journey can shape your experience when you get there. When choosing a transportation service, you are faced with a lot of options, from ridesharing services to public transportation to private vehicles, and all of these selections give you a different experience. It’s important to make the right choice, and in a world where rideshare dominates but offers inconsistent service, you can use this handy guide to see why picking a private car will not only enhance your experience but defines the way you travel. 

1. Personal Safety

The most important thing to us at A1 is your personal safety. That’s why we ensure our chauffeurs undergo rigorous background checks and extensive training. Our chauffeurs come from a professional transportation company rather than an app anyone can sign up on. Our cars are recognizable and our chauffeurs are in uniform, so you know you are stepping into the correct vehicle.

2. We’re Reliable

With a private car service, you know what you’re getting. We are dedicated to our brand and offer consistency as well as quality. A-1 has 24/7live dispatch and booking agents who are trained to handle any concerns or questions you may have. Additionally, most rideshare services do not claim legal responsibility for their drivers; we do. Rideshare companies are only ten years old or less. We are highly trusted in the community and are closing in on over 55 years of service. That’s over five decades of unwavering customer commitment and proven performance. 

3. Bang For Your Buck

Some people think private cars are more expensive than rideshare, but we will give you the most for your money. It’s important to be as composed as possible when going from one place to another, especially if you are preparing for a big meeting or a pitch with a client. You need to know you are receiving the best service possible without draining your wallet.  A-1 provides an exceptional, luxurious experience at a highly competitive price.

4. Kick Your Feet Up 

Having someone else in charge of the road means you can relax. Our chauffeurs at A-1 will handle all the stress that being behind the wheel brings, like traffic. You can sit and catch up on work without having to worry about getting to your destination, or having to direct a rideshare driver on where to go. Let us handle the burden for you. 

5. Time Saver

When you book an appointment in advance, you are guaranteed a ride. Using a rideshare app isn’t always reliable. Sometimes there are no rideshare cars in your area, or the driver may get lost on the way to you. But we provide prompt and professional service and always make sure we are on time. We will even take your flight number so we can keep track of your flight and watch for any delays or early arrivals. That way we know we can be there for you precisely when you need us. 

6. We Know What We’re Doing

Our chauffeurs are master navigators. Offering top-notch transportation service is their full-time job. They are highly knowledgeable about the area and can offer tips and information about local attractions. They know the best roads to take under various conditions and times, and they can easily navigate the local airports. A rideshare driver isn’t guaranteed to know anything about your area, may even get lost, and over 80% are rideshare drivers as a second job. You’re getting unparalleled service when you book with A1.

7. It’s Common Courtesy

Our chauffeurs are courteous and polite. You will be taken care of like you are our family. Our drivers know to handle your bags for you and open your door so you can have the most worry-free experience possible. Rideshare drivers are not held to any standards in terms of professionalism. At A1 we strive to give our clients elite, unmatched experience. 

8. Style Matters 

The vehicle you travel in leaves a lasting impression on others. Sometimes all it takes to charm a client is serving up style. Our classic Cadillacs and other luxury vehicles assure that you will always be traveling first class. With a rideshare service, you have zero choice over what type of vehicle will pick you up. Make your clients, friends, and family happy by providing them a comfortable, relaxing and luxurious ride to your destination.

 9. Nobody Misses a Moment 

When traveling with a family or a large group, you don’t want to be separated into different vehicles. It’s important to spend as much time together as possible, and often the journey is more exciting than the destination. More often than not, with rideshare, there are no vehicles available that can hold everyone. At A11, we have a wide variety of vehicles in all different sizes that can accommodate any group to make sure you all share your travel experience together. 

10. Sink Into Comfort

You can expect premier comfort when traveling with A1. We keep our vehicles in excellent shape and have plush leather seats that provide the ultimate repose. You never know what conditions a rideshare vehicle will be in, but A1 makes sure you’re getting choice seating.  

All of these factors add up to a wise decision: private cars offer a service unlike any other. In the end, when using rideshare, you are not trusting a professional driving company like A-1. You are using an app platform that connects drivers to riders. When you book with A-1, we are transparently professional. Private car companies like ours ensure you have the best transportation experience possible, not just because we give unparalleled service, but because we know the journey shapes the destination.