Wheelchair Transportation & Disability Transportation Services in the Princeton & Trenton, NJ or Whitehall, PA areas

For Attorneys

When you need transportation for wheel chair or mobility impaired Clients, Witnesses, Staff, or Attorneys, you need A-1 Limousine.

A-1 Limousine has available the Mobility Ventures MV-1, designed for wheel chair or mobility impaired users accessibility, comfort, and safe travel.


Provides easy access & exit for your wheel chair or mobility impaired passenger by providing a built-in power ramp & large wide doors.


Provides an open and secure front seating area wheel chair space permitting your passenger to remain in their own wheelchair. A transfer to a seat in the vehicle is not needed or required, but regular seating for up to 3 passengers is available.

Safe Travel

Compliant with federal ADA/CSA-D409-02 Guidelines including non-slip flat floors, a fully adjustable 7 point wheel chair restraint system, and body on full frame construction of the vehicle.


Your associates, staff, and clients will have the piece of mind of transporting then or their evidence files and briefs without any inconveniences from the public sector. Special witness transportation provided before, during, and after court sessions, will add to the professional environment you strive to provide for all those associated with your case.

Court Experience

A number of law firms have called upon A-1 Limousine to handle their ground transportation needs when litigating at the state and federal courthouses in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York Metropolitan areas.

For Doctors

A-1 Limousine has available the Mobility Ventures MV-1, is designed for wheelchair or disability users accessibility, comfort, and safe travel. When your patients have a temporary or permeant disability that will restrict them from driving, it can be very stressful to find someone to not only escort them to your office or even actually find someone that will make the commitment to drive them. With a professional car service that offers the right vehicle, like the Mobility Ventures MV-1, the patient will be at peace to know that a professionally trained chauffeur will be their answer to this very demanding situation. They will have the advantage of focusing on the ride and there is plenty of room for the caregivers to make the overall experience an enjoyable one for all. The patient will also have the trust that the trip and information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Patient assisted transport

  • Chauffeur will hold doors & carry packages
  • Chauffeur will remain with patient
  • Caregiver travels free of charge
  • More economical than medical transport


  • A-1 Limousine understands HIPPA regulations
  • A-1 Limousine ensures the patient’s safety and their privacy
  • A-1 Limousine will secure and protect all documentation
  • A-1 Limousine trains all chauffeurs and staff to abide by HIPPA
  • Regulations

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