Your Rental Checklist: Choosing A Corporate Car Service

When your employees need a car service for a business trip, it’s important to choose the right company. A car service is about more than just getting from here to there. Rather, it’s about efficiency, reliability, and impressive customer service. To choose the best business car service for your employees, ask yourself the following questions while considering your options. If you can check off these items as a “Yes,” then that company should be among your top choices.

Is the company insured?
Insurance is essential in the event of an accident. You want to make sure that the car service can cover any losses or damages. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a legal bind. The best car services will be open about their insurance policy, so be sure to ask.

Can the car company accommodate the size of your party?
Just as you wouldn’t want a stretch limo service for one person, you wouldn’t want a sedan rental for a large party. This is why it’s important for a car company to have a diverse fleet. No matter your itinerary or travel needs, they will have something to accommodate your employees.

Does the company screen their drivers?
You want to ensure that your employees are in capable hands. When a company screens its drivers, this usually means that these operators meet rigorous licensing and safety standards. Your business is renting a local car service for safety, efficiency, and convenience. So, you want to be sure that the car company cares about this as well.

Can they provide quality communication?
When you hire a black car service for your employees, you likely want to be able to keep track of their itinerary. Ask a car company how they keep customers informed about schedule changes, mechanical issues, and other details.

Is the car company flexible with schedule changes?
Business trips can be unpredictable, so ask the business car provider how they will handle any unexpected changes. Be sure to evaluate their policies and fees related to these changes and possible cancellations.

During the week, about 50% of limo services are provided to business and corporate customers. You know your company’s travel needs better than anyone, so be sure that you are thorough when researching car companies. This way, you can ensure that your employees arrive at their destinations as seamlessly as possible. And if you are satisfied with the company’s service, then you can work with them for future trips as well.

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