Driver Training

Safety Training

  1. “Decision Driving” class, with on-the-road practical experience.
  2. National Safety Council, Defensive Driving (DDC-8) classroom only
  3. Driver Training Curriculum
    1. Accident Procedures
    2. Drug and Alcohol Rules and Regulations for Drivers
    3. Drug and Alcohol Rules and Regulations for Supervisors
    4. Defensive Driving
    5. Entry Level Driver
    6. Hours of Service: Passenger-Carrying Vehicles
    7. Night Driving
    8. Sharing the Highway
    9. Speed and Space Management
    10. The Professional Driver
    11. Vehicle Breakdown and Road Repair
    12. Vehicle Inspections
    13. ADA Compliance and Regulations
  4. Peer group discussions
  5. Customized Training Programs for each facility and large customer requests.

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